Shangri-La Blinds

Elegant and chic

Shangri-La’s soft, light diffusing vane and double sheer fabrics blend to create a unique visual experience. Horizontal fabric vanes float between the two layers of soft, knitted sheers which tilt like a fabric venetian blind to blockout out light and show off their gorgeous delicate shading.

With its smooth chain rotation, or Motorisation operation, delicate Shangri-La vanes glide from open to closed or anywhere in between for the privacy control you wish, and when raised is hidden out of sight into an elegant valance.

Our Shangri-La collection of light-filtering or room darkening fabrics; perfect for bedrooms, media rooms or anywhere additional light control is desired, you can rest assure you are elevating your windows to a whole new level of elegance with our stylish Shangri-La Blinds.